Strawberry and Cream
Strawberry Cough x The White

Caked little boulders. Small to medium in size with matted green and purples bursting thru an heavy layer of decently healty trichomes. Super dense layout of heads when bursted open shinny and milky for the most part. It didnt felt sticky at firstt but well cured and looks like it will stay like that when kept in jars with a boveda.

It smelled sweet and really has some light strawberry notes with a prominant sweet doughy punch. Transfers smoothly like the smell little bit of the fruity berry side and mostly sweet earthy with a light desert like finish. Burned nice steady and left a gray ash with a small greasy ring on joints.

This one i keep for early evening its quite potent, got me a bit distracted and made me spread my work arround at first. Used it before closing sales ahah i felt hyped and uplifted not too in my head. Great in the evening and so on.