Strain – Strawberries & Cream (Strawberry Cough x The White) by Enigms Extracts

Smell – I couldn’t wait to crack the bag open and take a smell, delicious fruity strawberry herbal nose. This strain not surprisingly had some nice dank terpenes

Smoke – it has quite the pleasant smooth strawberry earth flavoring on the inhale and I find the exhale consists of that cream earthiness. Clean burning white ash with an oil ring jumping aboard from the first puff

High – this strain is more of a later day or evening time blaze. You won’t really feel like doing a whole lot of anything post session but it will leave you feeling social. It also makes for heavy eyes

Quality: Medium sized buds of a nice trichome frosting, great coloring of green and bright orange pistils with some purple undertones. This stuff is a well balanced hybrid with a touch higher on the sativa side and is a great addition to the stash. One more shout out to those terps