Arrived in a small shallow shoulderless jar which is always my preference. The consistency of the product had small uniform granular diamonds that were transparent with a light peach hue. The sauce was spread evenly throughout the diamonds without piling up along the exterior which also made it relatively easy to collect a decently sized dab as it almost acted like wet sugar that clumped together. Appeared fresh without any apparent drying out. Smells were smooth and rich with sweetness leading the pack with berry and creamy notes to follow soon after. Melted easily with minor residue to clean up afterwards. Vapours were really smooth with zero scratchiness and with mainly sweet flavors plus some creaminess; berry notes were slight but still present on exhale. Effects had me noticing nicely balanced effects that initially had me feeling uplifted, happy and chatty before balancing out with some more calming, relaxing effects that lowered my eyelids and energy in the same breath. Nothing sedative but had me enjoying the euphoria and moving a slightly lower pace. Anytime of the day smoke for me.