Strain – Sticky Drip

Vistual/Texture Рbeautiful buds of medium, and smaller sizes, having several fox tails branching off the various structures. Almost covered entirely by a mossy green shading, with plenty of deep purple hues bleeding through. Airy nugs with some fresh sponginess to the squeeze, slightly crisp exterior, while being coated from top to bottom in sticky resin. Lengthy fire orange pistils lighting up the buds, and completely drenched in a thick coat of snow white trichomes  

Scent – initially showing up with a minor scent coming off, until busting up and awakening the more volumized terpenes to the environment. This exotic, rare strain that little is known of, features quite the mashup of various aromatic smelling sweet herbs, with a sour skunkiness, and minor fruity notes emerging through

Smoke – the name Sticky Drip made the most sense once smoking on a joint, developing that oily ring of resin fairly quickly, and creating an ash lighter grey in color with peppering included. Bringing a good portion of the scent over to the taste while smoking, taking in different notes with each puff. Flavors of sweet skunkiness, mild sour fruit, with a herbal earthiness. Carrying over on the exhale with more of the robust earthy taste over taking, and leaving a sour fruit taste sitting back on the palate

High – feeling the high slowly making it’s way over you, it supplies a relaxing feeling of ease over both mind, and body simultaneously. Elevated into a state of complete bliss with an enhancing euphoria, and receiving a cerebral boosted head high. The stone continues down your body, relieving soreness, and supplying a light numbing sensation. Focus continues to remain somewhat intact, and motivation being not totally lost. This exotic smoke can be blazed up during the day or rolled up for evening sessions, either way you will be pleasantly baked