Strain – Steve Hurkle (Tahoe OG x Harlequin x Querkle)

Smell – tearing open the mylar, there’s an immediate gust of terpenes that are just awaiting their sweet escape. There’s a distinct stanky skunk presence with a coffee earthiness also coming in the overall scent

Smoke – the carry over of taste from smell is quite on point, bringing the full terpene profile to the table each puff. A medium greyish salt and pepper ash, and a resin ring that arrived on the early stages of the joint. The inhale being a skunky coffee likeness and the exhale being more of a spicey skunk earthiness

High – I found this strain to be a decent later day or early evening selection. Fairly sedating, good high which has euphoric characteristics, but most noteable of all was the body relaxation making any pain that was present, non existent

Quality: the buds contain a very unique green blend that appears to be mixed up half compiled of a minty green with almost an evenly split of the remainder being a dark forest green hue. Long light orangish brown pistils unfurled throughout the nuggets, some and a frosted healthy layer of glistening trichomes. The squeeze was fluffy and spongy, and sticky and resinous once busted open