Large and fairly dense buds with amazing trichome coverage and a beautiful mix of green and orange along with the white coat. It has a great hand trim minus a few larger leaves but even those have a very impressive coating of developed trichome heads. The nose is very unique and complex with a mix of sour chemical and sweet kush along with some strong savory aromas that especially come out once busted up. This translates absolutely perfectly into a sour/citrus kushy flavour with piney and savory notes on exhale. This flavour is extremely enjoyable and the smoke is equally clean/smooth with pure white cloudy ash. The high is super heavy and lazy but very clear minded. This makes for an extremely relaxing experience that lasts a long time. There is also a bit of euphoria which is most prominent early on but then gets replaced by more laziness as the high settles in. I absolutely love this flower for a late night sesh. All around clean and tasty smoke and very potent. 🥵😤