First Impressions

The bud arrived packaged well, in a branded zip. At first sight, I was surprised at the size of the nugs – considering it was smalls I expected something far worse.

My order was for an ounce and the tag was juicy. Very good steal from the good folks at Cheebas.

Bag Appeal



Really impressive buds for a discount ounce. Small-medium sized popcorn nugs that were trimmed well enough and coated in trichs. Purple hues and orange pistils throughout.

A little bit leafy and some really twiggy buds here and there, but that is expected at the price point. Really good show in the price range.

Taste & Smell

The nose is pretty strong – earthy, herbal and sweet notes. A little bit fruity as well, think blueberry muffins. I could tell it would make for a tasty joint.

Taste on the exhale was that of creamy blueberries. Subtle but very pleasant.

Smoke & Effects

The bud was cured very well so the smoke was smooth and the ash was pure white. Quality bud that makes for enjoyable combustion.

The effects were quickly on-setting and fairly potent. You’re hit with a hazey cerebral high that leaves you relaxed and zoned out. A feeling of heaviness and relaxation through the whole body.


Great bud for the price point. Definitely do not regret the purchase and would love to see similar such deals. The bud is AAA+ to AAAA- quality smoke in my opinion.

Tasty smoke with above average potency.