I was finally able to receive my cumulus carts just before the weekend and was very excited to try out Sour skittlz. Using my brand new Yocan uni pro i was able to vape these carts at the perfect temperature and it resulted in me getting some big smooth hits. I am able to take 5 second hits and not feel any itch to cough when inhaling or exhaling. The taste on this cart isn’t the best or strongest, i can taste a little bit on the exhale but not much when inhaling.

The terpenes for me aren’t the tastiest but the cart still has its slight citrus taste which i am not a huge fan of in this cart but its not a deal breaker. Whats really important is how high i can get. Let me tell you, this cart is as potent as around enigmas carts, after taking a couple of hits the effects hit you within a couple of minutes and after a couple of minutes its like a second wave comes and hits you again. as i am writing this i am vaping this beautiful cart and feeling the strong effects. I would definitely buy this strain again.