Brand – Tropical Sour Patch Kids by Chefs Treats

Flavor – having only tried some of the many sour patch kids on the market, I’ve never tried the tropical blend until now. The outer sugar coated citrus flavoring initially hitting the sour notes with a subtle weed taste, once dissolved it transforms into that sweet candy goodness. These are the individual profiles I got from each: the White one = Pineapple, Violet guy = Fruit Punch, Pink was Passion Fruit, and the Orange tasting of Tangerine

Potency – 20mg candied kids, a mix of different flavors in the 10 pack, which I’m sure I got atleast 1 of each offered in this selection. Accurately dosed mini men that hit you with a smooth amount, splitting the pack with the wife again for a steady 100mg a piece giving those euphoric effects, mood elevation, with heavy eyes and relaxation slowly taking hold. As always with a good dosing, it guarantees a solid night’s sleep

Quality – accurately transformed into the Sour Patch kids that we all grew eating and loving, especially being a solid choice at the movies. A very cool tropical variety having a unique tasting blend, and all being flavorful. These dosed up dudes are delicious, fresh, and make for a good stash addition, being a fan of these candies before enhancement, these are a win all around