These phemonable looking buds are just smothered in trichomes. Having light green olive color with slight bits of purple throughout with purple hueing. The buds are medium sized and are rock hard. The trim is perfect and the cure is on point. The buds are admitting a dank diesel citrus musky aroma.

Having a sour citrus diesel taste, which was quite pleasant. The smoke was decently smooth only tickling my thoart slightly. Burned awesome in a joint being slow even and continuous. Had a nice bit of a grease ringer with a light gray ash with a bit of salt and peppering.

This is a medium to high potency sativa dominate hybrid. After smoking I was quite bliss and clear minded feeling. I was creative and focused. I felt relaxed but not couchlocked with next to no burnout. Valued at 180 a zip before any discounts.