Sour Berry rated as Indica (60/40)
Purple Berry Kush x Sour Diesel

Medium to big size nugs. Dark green on the outside with a nice coating of shiny trichomes even better on the inside. Not super fresh but not dry or dusty either a nice trim on this one too just a couple sugar leafs that could have been pulled out.

A bit of a earthy sour smell at first once busted open got faint whiffs of grape. Aroma got stronger once combusted a nice dank berry with a heavy earthy base. Burned nice left a super fluffy ash gray all over.

The effects are nice starts with a intense fuzzy headrush. Good mood elevator i felt calm, happy and creative. Used this as a wake and bake and a bit too relaxing for a morning strain to me got me a bit couch locked after a couple rips, but a great hybrid. For me it was better after diner and so on !