This strain was a real treat both visual and olfactory systems, it is bright green and yellow, tons of orange pistils and coated in a nice layer of crystals. Opening the bag and your room is met with INTENSE sweet and slightly sour aromas, like almost ripe mangos but candied, the nose on it is amazingly fresh and is going on my top 3 of best-smelling bud I have had this year hands down!


Smoking it gave me further sour notes with less sweet and more gassy, it was very tasty though so if you are a flavour smoker then you have to try this. The roll burnt mostly white with specks of black ash and very clean, nothing nasty on the throat or mouthfeel.  The high was a great starting Sativa ride without the paranoia and settled into a nice chill <relax and hang out> vibes high, but alert enough to have meaningful conversations, this is a social smoke by far it is just too bad social situations are limited right now haha.

I definitely recommend this strain, let me know what you think if you have had it!