Eighth came in heat sealed bag which kept in the pungent aroma making the sour and citrus scents blast your nose upon opening. There were also mild undertones that were sweet and gassy; gorgeous smell. The buds themselves were chunky, tapered and well-trimmed with the eighth having less than I could count on one hand.  The dense nugs came with a solid cure; slightly crusty yet not brittle exterior with a sticky and soft interior. The bright lime green and forest green backgrounds made the rusty orange pistils stand out amongst the tight woven sugary exterior.  It was easy to see visible trichomes on the exterior of the buds with densely packed intact cloudy and clear heads on the interior; likely contributing to the obvious stickiness noticed on the fingertips.

The strain burned well in a joint with a noticeable resin ring ¼ through the jay; ending in a predominantly white salt and pepper ash. The flavors beautifully reflected the smell with sharp and sour notes of citrus followed by some gassiness on exhale. The buzz initially had me feeling uplifted and euphoric with lightheaded sensations making it challenging to concentrate. This quickly faded into an overall Indica dominant vibe as I slowly inched my way closer to tasks that required little effort. For me this strain shines as an evening strain as there were some noticeable sedative effects; which have helped me wind down over the past few nights.