Slurricane Premium budder rated as hybrid p
A cross of Dosidos x Purple Punch

A crumble of honey colored budder. Similar to the jet fuel in texture. A bit sandy a bit tacky. Easy to handle with the right tools

Smell out the jar was a bit faint a bit funky once melted slightly creamy/nutty a bit earthy too. Melted super clean, the taste tranfered to the smooth smoke well with the creamy earthy side coming first. It was super smooth and easy to take big rips. Easy to clean even on bigger and high temp dab.

The effects where quit intense to me but  felt super balanced. A nice heady but relaxing medecine perfect to hang arround and waste some time. A slightly uplifting and foggy headed effect for me. The kind of stuff that makes me stare at my phone randomly for too long while I do something else but would let me stand if the needs be.