The bud structure on this one appeared more segmented and loose with smaller popcorn sized buds making up the jar. Buds were a touch on the dry side but a day with a humidity pack remedied this, Light and dark greens with long whispy light peach pistils dominated the visuals. As was consistent with the others the buds were well handled possessing the majority of the trichomes on the exterior. This pheno maybe a bit less so than the others. A close look revealed the resin packed stupidly close together, with mainly cloudy, and clear heads atop long opaque stalks. Another phenotype that delivered on the rich creamy and mildly fruity flavors I typically attribute with Slurricane. Not as sweet as # 8 and not as overly doughy as #4 but somewhere in the middle of both. A nice balance of smells that had me appreciating the aromas that quickly filled the room. Not offensive or pungent but prominent and enjoyable. Once busted it was just a pile of sweet grape smells.

Smoke was smooth with sweet fruity flavors to accompany the smooth plumes of smoke. The burn was great as well, burning a clean light grey to white ash. Effects provided me with a heady smoke that head my head in the clouds but at the same time had me just feeling good with intermittent euphoria. Found myself smoking his after work and feeling great with a smile on my face soon after. No sedative effects to be found but the effects did lean to a more relaxing Indica vibe by the 45-minute mark post-smoke. Solid choice as an anytime of the day option; but I’d be cautious of a few more sessions mid-day as it may start feeling pretty burnt out.