Visually this one was a standout. Heavily caked and matted resin appearance made the entire bud look soft and plush with an untouched coating of trichomes. The colours below were an array of rich to deep purples and greens, alongside some burnt orange pistils. The buds themselves were chunky and had a pillowy soft look to them but were surprisingly dense. The moisture level was the most on point with this pheno as well as it had that nice spongy feel with a slightly crisp exterior.  It seems this one had everything, and it did. As the smell would make anyone salivate. Delivering candy sweetness, and full unmistakeable aromas of berries or grapes; all and all this one was right up my alley.

I am also happy to report the smells and visuals isn’t where this shined the most. The flavors came through near perfectly with the description above with a mild creamy earth on the exhale. Burning a near perfect white with a slight peppering along the edge of the joint. Effects were no slouch either, hitting me right between the eyes with increasing energy and disorienting cerebral effects for the first 20 minutes. Until the effects were mellowed out by steadily increasing good vibes and physical relaxation. There was a mild amount of sedation felt with this one but nothing that I felt put me at a huge risk of couchlock…. unless I followed up with a second joint or bong rip. Still a versatile smoke that could be used anytime but will best suite my routine during the evening hours as I try to relax and unwind.