Dense medium sized tapered nugs with a nice moisture level, providing a nice squish with a crackly exterior. Loved the look of this one with a crazy contrast between the dark purple to near black backgrounds with the crazily opaque white frosty resin coverage. Breaking it down made for an overly dark flower that looked dark purple to black.  This really made the trichomes standout, which when looked at closely were milky white stalked with mainly milky heads with some areas covered heavily with amber heads. The scent was pungent with noticeably funky and herbal/spicy aromas hitting the nostrils without even getting close to the jar. As I broke it down there tended to be noticeable hints of pine.

Smoke was smooth with herbal, spicy and pine flavors; burning in a joint with a fluffy light grey to white ash. Found this initially hit right behind the eyes with an energizing and uplifting high that left me with a clear-headed cerebral buzz. I did find soon after though I did start to notice a bit of an increased body load which had me feeling a bit more relaxed. Ended up being perfect for an after work toke; and did seem to have me feeling a bit sedated after a couple extra bong rips. Another flavorful pheno with some well-balanced hybrid effects; that’ll generally work as an anytime of the day option for me.