Found this one was a contender for the frostiest of the bunch, landing shortly behind #8.  The tightly packed small to medium sized buds appeared moreso whitewashed then any other colour. There were some light greens and dusty purples that were apparent, but you had to peek through the frosty coating. A close look revealed the stalks to be shorter than most of the other phenos with mainly milky and clear heads packed tightly. The smells coming off this one was interesting and very different from the first few with dominant lime and pine aromas coming from its Do-Si-Dos heritage. This provided a clean refreshing aroma that lingered in the nostrils.

Burned evenly throughout with a fluffy light grey ash. Flavors were pine forward with some clean herbal notes on the tailend. Smoke had a bit of sharpness felt in the lungs but nothing I’d consider harsh.  Had some immediate uplifting and clear cerebral effects that had me feeling hyper-focused and motivated after 5 minutes. This soon settled 20 minutes later as some euphoric and relaxing sensations settled in the chest and limbs. Loved how this one really appeared to be moreso sativa leaning compared to the first 3. Will be perfect as my go to option down the road.