Stocky or chunky medium sized buds with a fluffy appearance that was relatively dense compared to its visuals. The buds were mainly had a minty green appearance with some darker purples on the tips plus a small amount of rich green sugarleaves and light peach pistils. The trichome coverage was once again thick and impressively intact on the outer portion of the buds.  The trichomes had a significant number of amber heads that were once again STACKED. Smell on this one was delicate and soft with creamy and doughy notes dominating the nose. This was also complimented by some musty and sweet smells. Once the buds were busted up though the scent leaned overwhelmingly towards a candied grape smell.

Burned with a near white ash while it hit with some deliciously sweet, creamy, and hints of earthy and fruity flavors. Found this one was a steady creeper as the steadily increasing cerebral buzz had me feeling clumsy and unfocused 15 minutes in.  Found the physical effects arrived 30 minutes later which had me feeling euphoric and calm.  Nothing significant for sedation but otherwise one of the more potent options of the phenotypes. An Indica dominant buzz that could be used anytime of the day; but for me will likely be better suited for a after work or evening option.