Conical shaped medium sized nugs with some dark and light purples along with some lighter green hues. The exterior of the buds was really sugared and obviously well handled with visible milky trichomes all over the outside. There were also some nice light peach pistils that fit well with the overly light frosty appearance. The trichomes were impressively packed together in some areas with transparent stalked with some light amber, milky and clear heads. The smells given off were pungent and syrupy sweet with bright fruit aromas.

Found it burned evenly in a joint with a light grey ash, providing uber smooth smoke with moreso sweet, grape flavors with some mild earthiness. Effects hit me quickly behind the eyes with pressure that continued to build; later translating into a spaced out cerebral high. Found some moderate physical effects that had my shoulder relaxed, stress levels drop without any significant sedative effects. A perfect balanced hybrid for an anytime of the day kind of smoke.