This one appeared to have a more fluffy or less dense structure with a great array of colours on the small and medium sized buds. This one was a bit on the dry side on arrival but easily bounced back after a couple hours with a humidity pack.  The rich greens, deep purples and the short fiery orange pistils provided an eye-catching contrast to one another. As with most of these phenos the transport in a jar really helped to preserve the intact trichomes on the exterior. The trichomes themselves had long transparent stalks with mainly cloudy and clear heads with some areas possessing some amber heads. Smells coming out the jar were pungent with most of the nose being spicy and herbal aromas with some earthy sweetness on the tailend.

Smoke mirrored the smell with some added earthiness on exhale which was overall smooth. Burned easily and effortlessly in a joint with a small oil ring showing up after the first few tokes; ending with a near white ash. Effects left me with a clear-headed buzz had me enjoying the random tasks I had to finish over the weekend. The high balanced itself out a bit with a more relaxed body load hitting the limbs about half an hour in. Still felt mostly above the shoulders though. Lovely daytime smoke I will be hanging onto for fishing, wakeboarding, and just kicking back at the lake. One of those strains that just helps you really appreciate great weather and good company, as I felt rather social.