Such a unique look to this budder that had me immediately thinking of a block of cheddar; with small craters along the exterior. Bright yet rich orange colours, with a consistency that reminded me of the fake cheese inside of ritz cracker sandwiches; yet more dense. Found the visuals very appealing even though the colours being so over the top orange. The smells were reminiscent of the flower I received. Sharp lime scent with some mild pine and herbal aromas; being influenced almost entirely by the Dosidos genetics. Can’t say I picked up on any fruity aromas coming from the Purple Punch lineage.
For budder this product melted clean; but out of the extracts I tested this one did leave behind the most significant amount of residue. Flavors produced a spicy and creamy/doughy flavor alongside some mild earthiness. Had me feeling similar effects to the flower as well with immediate uplifting cerebral effects that were slowly overpowered by dominant bodyload that had me feeling overly relaxed 20 minutes in. This could easily turn into another case of couchlock dependent on the dose; so, have been enjoying this in the evening when I don’t need to accomplish much.