Buds were uber tight and bulbous with every tight cranny filled with sugary looking resin, with a good amount of sprawling rusty orange pistils. To the touch, the buds were dense yet spongy with a decent trim leaving behind a minimal amount of sugar leaves. Smell was fantastic and reminiscent of its blue dream roots with strong creamy berry and citrus aromas. Looking a bit closer you dense patches of short milky and clear trichomes.

The smoke was very light and airy which was surprising considering the large plumes of smoke it produced.  The flavor was moreso herbal and earthy with some pleasant creaminess noticed on exhale. In terms of the buzz I found that it produced a generally calm yet spacey high that slowly settled most prominently below the eyelids. A lot of sativa smoke will have my mind racing but this one started and ended with a relatively mellow cerebral dominant high. Perfect smoke to have with your morning coffee; that motivate you to finish your to do list and be able to concentrate while doing it.