Strain – Sherbert Queen (Pink Panties x Sunset Sherbert)

Smell – the absolute terpene infested Sherbert Queen is really quite the blend of various scents, its got quite the exotic nose. Your nostrils are absolutely overtaken by a sweet fruitiness, tropical herb, piney notes, and sour citrus with a subtle earthiness

Smoke – with the flavor profile backing this strain, you receive different flavors throughout an entire session with specific notes standing out more on some of the tokes. You receive a good portion of the taste while inhaling, being struck with fruity, tropical, pine, citrus, and herbal. There’s some carry over on the exhale with an earthy overtone kicking in. Lighter to medium grey ash coloring, and continued resinous build up throughout

High – a hybrid (85/15) rockin mostly indica, and providing the results of just that. Relaxing on both the body, and the mind you will also be met up with waves of euphoria at the same time. Focus and motivation being lowered significantly have this being a better later day or evening blaze

Quality: a stunning looking bud structure, medium in size, and some excellent coloration.  One of those strain where you ended up searching for green, where any is visible it’s an olive tinge but the majority of the nug is a deep purple shading. Fairly dense with some give, crispy shelled exterior, thin rusted copper pistils equally spread throughout, and a fine layer of snowy trichomes dusted over top