The Sherb Breath flower by Enigma Extracts and sourced by Green Hornet Buds is the first flower I tried by one of my all-time favorite cart producers.

The flowers are soft and sticky to touch and full of multiple shades of green with orange hairs and tints of purples peaking through the buds. Upon opening the zip, a delicious aroma of sweet herbs filled the air & I immediately had to roll one up in a joint.

The smoke is amazingly smooth, which is highly important to this cart lover as I’m not used to smoking. There is a slightly sour aftertaste that lingers and makes you crave the next puff.  As you can see the ash also burned very clean and was mostly white with specs of light grey.

The potency is decent and is far Indica leaning. I feel very relaxed and peaceful and don’t need to finish the entire joint, but I do because of the taste!