Strain – SFV OG (OG kush Pheno)

Visual/Texture – divided between small and medium sized buds, semi spongy with good density, fresh exterior with slight give on the squeeze. Once ripping the nugs apart to only reveal a sticky, fresh greasy interior. Shared between minty, and a royal green shading, with bright light orange pistils thinly drawn out from the surface, and lined with a thick blanket of snow white trichomes

Scent – quite the potent scented aroma immediatly escaping the mylar having a distinct stink that has pungent, yet pleasant emissions. Resulting in a gassy collaboration of sweet pine, skunky citrus, and mild earthiness

Smoke – carrying over to the taste, the SFV OG duplicating its scent with each puff. Creating a lighter grey ash with an even pepper distribution, clean, smooth, and consistent burning, all while producing an oil ring in the process. On the inhale you get the skunky lemon, and sweet pine. Exhales tasting of citrus, cedar, and a slightly earthy having that lemon zest lingering on the palate after release

High – the indica dominated hybrid (70/30) will send you away enhancing your mood, and supplying proper levels of euphoria. Allowing you to keep focus on point, the relaxation eventually moving over your body taking your motivation down a few notches. Having a burnout that passes by without any major results. Turn to the San Fran Valley for lazy days, or laid back evenings