A 3 way cross between Sea Level, Timewarp and Ben Johnson all of which I have never tried before. Found the buds arrived with a bit of extra sugarleaves and a nice cure feeling slightly crusty on the exterior and with a decently sticky interior. Mossy green backgrounds, darker green sugarleaves with numerous small curly burnt orange pistils. The interior of the buds was also damn caked with a solid amount of untouched trichomes for a budget option. Looking at the trichomes there was mainly short stalked transparent stalks with clear heads. Smell wasn’t pungent but relatively noticeable with mainly earthy with some herbal and sweet undertones.

Found the smoke to be relatively smooth with some mild harshness at the back of the throat as I was halfway through a joint. Burned a light grey ash with some darker grey flecks but otherwise burned evenly. Flavors mirrored the smells well with sweet, earthy and slightly creamy notes. Effects creeped up on me about 5 minutes later with some moderate cerebral effects that had my eyes feeling hazey and a slight buzz felt mainly above the shoulders; plus, some mild uplifting vibes. This later was accompanied by some generalized relaxing vibes which had me feeling relaxed and content. A great budget option for an easy smoke anytime of the day; possessing minimal if any sedative effects.