Very eye catching nugs with a beautiful array of light and darker greens, very deep purples, and bold orange stigmas. It’s also caked with largely intact trichome heads but it seems to me they aren’t quite developed enough, very few ambers and lots of clears. The nose isn’t very strong off the nug, there’s an earthy chocolate vibe but it’s very hard to put my finger on it. Once busted up the aroma transforms into a gassy and almost floral profile with an earthy backdrop. On smoke I don’t get much of a gassy flavor but there are distinct floral and earthy notes with an unexpected faint sweetness. The smoke is perfectly clean with as minimal a cough as possible. The burn is also great, slow and even with a salt n pepper ash. The high is very sedating both mentally and physically. Definitely not a functional high at all, best for watching a movie or just going to bed lol. Overall very impressed with this flower; always love a terpy, clean, indica heavy smoke. 🔥👌