Strain – Royal Rockstar Runtz

Vistual/Texture – the half zip of the sought after Street Loudz branded was made up of smaller to medium sized, rounded oval shaped buds. The density backing these nugs sharing an even density between dense to spongy, the exterior feel is fresh while still sporting a greasy texture when touched, sticky when pressed, and the awaiting interior being more fresh, and resin cladded, while busting substantially more fluffed out. Moss green occupying the majority of the coloring, with medium undertones of emerald, and accented hues of deep vibrant purple patches throughout. Copper pistils unraveling over the entire mass, and generously frosted up by a layer of milky white trichomes

Scent – immediatly giving off emissions of some mouth watering gas, tantalizing terpenes are loud and backed by its potent profile. A blend of various aromas which partner up perfectly. You’re taking in wafts of sweet fruity, tropical herbs, potent gassy skunkiness, and a sour cedar, citrus blend
Smoke – as the joint burns, it leaves behind a clean greyish, white colored ash, with a tiny pepper presence. Fully capable of pulling big hoots off, while creating a greasy, shiny ring of resin. Pulling in flavorful hoots infested by skunky gas, tropical fruits, sweet herbs, and a sour citrus flavoring. Where the exhale takes on more of a sour cedar taste, while retaining some of that sweetness

High – Triple R unravels itself upon you, starting in the dome by fuelling up your head with some heavy euphoria, and directing you towards a mood that’s both blissful, and uplifting. It doesn’t feel that long after, that you have a deep feeling of relaxation take hold of your body, leaving you ready to kick back to enjoy the ride, moving any pre existing pain onto the back burner. Delivering a high that doesn’t leave you rushing towards accomplishing much by any means, leaving it best for later day to evening time indulgence