Strain – Royal Highness (Dance Hall x Respect)

Vistual/Texture – plump oval shaped buds medium sized, with a sponginess, and a fresh greasy, sticky resinous feeling once handled. Lighter moss green coloring overtaking the vast majority of the surface, with hues of emerald, and undertones of violet shading. Pistils colored bright fire orange casting a solid appearance, and bundled up in a thick jacket of milky white trichomes

Scent – these tantalizing terpenes are loud and scented by a delicious profile. Royal Highness is a mysterious strain, brought together by two other strains that I’m not familiar with but together mak a perfect pairing. Having a scent that’s brought together by a mix of skunky herbs, and strong accents of a sweet fruity fragrance

Smoke – taking no time for the resin to surface bringing out a nice oil ring, while producing lighter grey with peppered ash. Receiving some extra flavor profiles while puffing on this piece of royalty taking in sweet berries, skunky coffee, and a nutty, earthiness. Exhaling is overtaken by a pungent woodiness, while still holding onto a sweet earthy taste

High – sativa leaning hybrid (60/40) commences with a cerebral enhanced head high, and providing an initial surge of energy. Elevating your mood, and inspiring a flow of creative thoughts. As the high wears on, so do the relaxing effects along with a full on appetite induction. An enjoyable daytime stone that still allows you to accomplish anything that’s on the ol checklist