Sticky,dank,tight,moist lime and dark green with some purple bleeding from the middle buds covered in white/pinkish and dark orange hairs, with some decent crystal coverage but coated in trichomes and looking like a geode when broken open.Smell is dank! Im getting in your face and entire room sweet pungent citrus gas⛽. Taste is excellent very strong slightly creamy spicy gas that translates to grape🍇 for me and sits on the palate long after smoking. Burn was very potent but kinda harsh at first but smoothed out midway through joint(1.5g) with a dark salt and pepper ash. Nice high! Euphoric/happy,relaxed,clear headed and slightly energized..I feel good!💯 heavy eyed and chilled out, I was actually motivated enough to call a buddy to hang out!(that’s a good day!). Great herb overall not the prettiest but tasted nice throughout and got me pretty good feeling.I’d recommend this herb for all day smoking, But the more you smoke this will sedate you!