Strain – Royal Death Bubba

Smell – this had quite a slightly muted scent initially, once it hit the grinder the terpenes exploded from this strain. An aroma of musky, skunky, herbal smell with subtle sweet pine hints having more of a background linger

Smoke – taste coming on the inhale consisting more of deep skunkys herbs, with a piney flavor, and the exhale keeping the pungent skunky herbalness intact and adding some dank earthiness to the mix. The ash was a lighter to medium grey with some peppering taking place, and greased right up in a resinous oil which slowed the burn and made the smoke more robust deeper into session

High – providing a heavy bake with its indica dominance (75/25) leaving this to be more of an evening blaze, or daytime with little to nothing mapped out. Overall coming on quite sedative, killing motivation in its path, easing you into a state of euphoria, and eliminating any existing thoughts and making new ones difficult with a clouded head. The burnout that follows is unavoidable

Quality: coming as a big, dense bud with minimal give when squeezed. Armored with a crisp shell, and an equally crisp interior that was sticky at the same time. Lighter emerald green bud coloring, featuring some darker forest hues, with signs of purple peeking through, and some sugar leaves wrapping into the structure.  Shorter light brown pistils, and dusted with a coating of snowy trichomes layered over top. Giving Death Bubba the royal treatment seems to only add to the already potent hitting strain