Root Beer (AAAA Organic) from Hillside Pharms

80% Indica Dominant Hybrid

Cross: Jager X Humboldt Black Gold X GG4

Grower: Selkirk Farms

Breeder: Selkirk Farms

Nose: This Root Beer had a crazy candy gummy root beer nose to it! Wow! There was also a hint of a woody licorice and some sour fruit. It was very pungent.

Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was awesome, and it was very sticky.

Taste: I got a bit of the candy root beer but with some earthiness to it. I got more of the woody licorice and some hashiness and pine.

Burn: The burn was awesome! The ash was light and clingy, and it gave lots of heavy smoke. It was a nice clean burn

Potency/Effects: It hit me quite well in my nose and the potency level was super high for me. I could roll smaller joints with this one. The effects were heavy and spacey in my brain. It really slowed things down and put me on the couch. It was also a pleasant, long-lasting effect that would be good for nighttime.