Strain – Romulan

Smell – some decent smelling stuff right off the first time releasing the terpenes out from within the mylar it was being contained. Strong nose coming off reeking of sweet pine, with a woody citrus blend

Smoke – clean burning, light grey ash, long consistent, and smooth to the end of the joint. A greasy oil ring emerged quickly and had only continued building up. Puffing this strain really releases the dank pine, with lemon and woodiness all hitting your pallet on the inhale, the exhale being rather mild in comparison only consisting of a sweet yet spicy earthy flavoring

High – almost a pure indica strain, it definitely has a lot of the indica effects. Unlike most of the pure indicas, I find that Romulan can be puffed on during the day time without any huge repercussions. Providing good relief of any pre-existing pain, a cloudy head high but focus still remains intact, and induces appetite not too long after roasting

Quality: quite the clean trim job on these chunky dense nuggets. Crispy hard shelled exterior sealing in the fresh sticky insides. When I sent it through the grinder, all the busted up herb was stuck to the walls of the grinder itself. Olive green buds with forest green hues, short thin dark orange pistils dabbled all over, and a healthy dousing of shiny trichomes throughout