Romulan is a bit notorious – it sharing its name with the Star Trek race. Don’t worry; when you smoke this it won’t leave you looking like one!


This FSE is easy to work with, having a texture similar to a sticky, gritty applesauce. Definitely not tough to gather onto a dab tool, and gets off the tool fairly easily, as well. When loading a glob of this sauce up, a prominent aroma of sweet pine pleasantly was definitely noticeable.

Upon dabbing, the pine that was noted earlier definitely is the dominant flavour here, with a subtle sweetness that mingles with the pine nicely. The resultant flavour that is left after smoking is a sweet pine with mint-like coolness.

Romulan’s high comes in fairly strong right off the bat with making my eyes droop. Sitting down afterwards, my body relaxed fairly quickly. The cerebral effects became known when writing this, as I found myself second-guessing a lot of my writing in this review. On reflection, probably not the best thing to review, first ever.

Overall, this sauce is a tasty and potent pleasure to smoke. I have never had the pleasure of smoking this strain before; however I would smoke this again!