The Romulan (1) 100% live sauce cartridge by Sauce House has everything I look for in a strain and cart; consequently, it deserves a lengthy review & discussion!

Let’s start with the inhale which consists of a smooth fruity sweetness that transforms into a fresh pine earthy flavor on the exhale. What fruits exactly? A cocktail of ripe grapes, ripe banana, ripe kiwi, ripe berries, and more, but the key trend is “ripe” fruit. The aftertaste has a pine grape spiciness which makes you crave more… Romulan.

As for the strong Indica effects, this cart is true to the Romulan strain and delivers a magical medicine that relaxes every muscle and calms every worry on your mind. Everything is a-okay in happy mellow Romulanland.

As you can tell I am utterly obsessed with this cart including its delightful taste and incredible Indica effects. I like to take several small hits back to back (without exhaling) and hold it in to get a delicious weed-smack to the face. I reach for this cart for both the taste and the potency, as she’s a beautiful goddess and I want to enjoy her every last drop over and over.

The cart itself performs well with zero clogging or leaking problems. I vape it at around 2.6v and it takes some seriously abusive hits to cause any amount of minimal burning. Overall, the cart performs very well producing huge clouds and powerful hits.

This cart is a must-have and a sure regular in my collection.  If this review offends any Star Trek fans, I apologize. My suggestion is to go vape some Romulan and chill the F out!