Strain – Rockstar Tuna (Rockstar x Tuna Kush)

Smell – the tuna terpenes being quite prominent in this blended combination. Notes of the skunky kush hit the nostrils. The smell very reminiscent of the old school Tuna kush when it first appeared on the streets  packed up in the vintage can

Smoke – the transition from smell to smoke loses a fair amount of its volume. This stuff provides a noteable resin build up which tails just behind the medium grey ash. Tastes of a skunky herbs while inhaling and then moving to an earthy muskiness with subtle tuna notes on the exhale

High – later day or evening time strain, with an indica dominate strain that gives the full euphoric effects, leaving you in a relaxed sedative state and ready to accomplish very little. Some noteable pain relief and definitely a good appetite inducing strain

Quality: not much to dislike on this strain with 2 solid parents behind its lineage it makes for a great mashup. The shell having a hardened state sealing in the resin laden interior which had no problem clinging on to the outskirts of the grinder. Buds of a medium emerald green with some dark undertones, slight excess sugar leafs, thin orange brownish pistils, and  dusted in amber trichomes