The concentrate arrived in a small plastic jar as a collection of microdiamonds with some medium to large full-sized diamonds mixed in. The larger collections of diamonds had a light-yellow hue to them with the larger diamonds appearing colourless. A closer look revealed some contamination with plant material. As I agitated the extract it was tacky which likely helped the microdiamonds adhere to one another. Smells were fairly sharp with citrus, menthol and sweet aromas escaping the jar the moment I opened it.

Melt was reasonable; leaving some residue behind with smooth vapor with sweet fruity flavors (possibly melon) plus some minor earthy notes. I did notice some minor harshness at the back of the throat. Found the effects to be somewhat of a creeper hitting me right behind the eyes with buzzy and uplifting vibes 5-10 minutes post-smoke. Found the effects above the shoulders continued to increase until 30 minutes later; where things balanced out as some relaxing physical effects found their way to the rest of my body.  Nice daytime option with medium potency and little to no sedative effects noticed.