The quarter consisted of two buds; being a mix of a large and medium sized nugs. Great humidity level and another strain that arrived uber tacky to the touch with a sticky resinous layer on the exterior. The obviously manicured flower possessed a hard to ignore frosty exterior, which made the light and dark green backgrounds hard to discern at times. Long winding orange and light peach pistils crawled along the backgrounds providing a nice contrast. Beautifully fat milky and translucent globular heads were “packed like sardines” making for some satisfying views on the interior of the buds. This Rockstar really delivered on some beautifully pungent aromas which were a mixture of clean pine, gas, and deliciously sweet undertones. It was very satisfying.

Burned well in a joint with another impressively greasy oil ring, burning with a bit of a darker salt and pepper ash. Smoke produced another heavy smoking experience producing smooth yet intense that felt really satisfying in both a bong and joint. Both also made for a flavorful smoke with clean pine and sharp gas and mildly spicy aftertastes; leaving me feeling refreshed after exhaling. It reminded me of eating one of those old-school candied mintleaves; if it also came with a whiff of kerosene. Effects were no slouch; hitting with effects that are likely intended for veteran smokers. Immediately, had me feeling uplifted and spaced out and generally feeling rather uncoordinated. Found myself fumbling to do even simple tasks; and feeling too carefree to really give a shit as relaxing physically dominant effects took over. There is a definite risk of couchlock with this one as I found it near impossible to convince myself to get up; once I settled in a seated position. Likely my favourite strain of the three I tried; and another ideal strain for evening activities or winding down at the end of the night.