Strain – Rockstar (Rock Bud x Sensi Star)

Visual/Texture – a mix of small and medium buds, evenly split between sponginess and density, outside the feel is fresh yet greasy to the touch, and an even more fresh resin infused interior. Lighter olive coloring, with emerald green undertones, several lighter brown shorter pistils evenly distributed throughout, and glossed over by a crystal ice trichome cladded exterior

Scent – some solid terpenes come flowing from this strain, having an immediate grasp on your nose. An aroma compiled of sweet skunky herbs, that has enough scent backing it to overtake your surroundings with only the slightest tear into the mylar

Smoke – receiving an almost identical flavor profile while smoking as the scent given off. Every inhale with that sweet skunkiness with herbal accent, and the exhale with a spicy, coffee earthiness. The ash is a lighter shade of grey with some peppering, and a resinous build following just behind

High – a hybrid rocking more indica (70/30) providing euphoric effects, with an enhanced feeling of motivation, and an elevated mood. Your body also feeling completely relaxed, with any pre existing pain taking a backseat. A noteable increase in hunger coming in heavy not too long after blazing. No problem spinning this up for daytime sessions, still leaving you functional, you just might want to plan ahead for munchies