The bag appeal on this Rock Tuna was absolutely insane. Rated as a craft quad and I’d definitely agree. Beautiful bud structure and colour pallete, and generously blanketed in resinous trichome heads. Sticky to the touch when broken up and left my fingers clinging to one another.

As a fan of any tuna strains, I instantly recognized the pungent aroma of nose stinging gas, and that typical tuna dankness. Really stunk up the place with little effort. Translated to taste as well with a thick and overpowering smoke that wasn’t harsh but just really heavy and flavourful. Especially in a bong!

Extremely relaxing, sedating, and euphoric type indica high with strong couch locking effects. Probably should keep it hidden from the rookie smokers as it’s definitely a potent one. For the price it was listed it would have been a steal but unfortunately sold out.