Rock Star (LSO) from Hillside Pharms

Cultivator: Kootenay Living Soil Collective

Breeder: Bong Guru clone only

Cross: Rockbud x Sensi Star

90% Indica / 10% Sativa

Visual: It looked very organic to me. It had a bit of leaf and some tight compact crystal with bright greens and forest greens and some hues of blueish grey. There were lots of brown and yellow hairs all over and the buds had a bit of a looseness to them.

Nose: It really had that earthy organic nose with a little bit of gas and spice. It was a bit more pungent when I opened it up.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to grind and I had to pick it out of the grinder a bit. It fluffed up lots in the grinder and it was easy to cut up with scissors. There was some stickiness to it and it had a great moisture level.

Taste: There was a bit of gas and spice, but it was mainly the earthy taste at first. The gas and spice did build up a bit as I got into it a bit more.

Burn: It burnt great. The ash was nice and light, and it was pretty smooth.

Potency/Effects: This one was not very punchy for a Rock Star. The effects were a bit relaxing but a bit mellow and light. I felt a calm happiness from it and it also felt very clean and like I could keep on smoking it.

Overall score – 8.7/10