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Visual: They were medium sized buds that had a darkness to them. It had very dark greens and purples and blacks all over with some brown hairs that blended into the darkness. There was lots of nice sparkly crystal all over and throughout. The buds were quite dense with a bit of a squish to them.

Nose: The nose was gassy, floral and it had an earthy nuttiness. It was very pungent and the floral part of it was similar to a lilac, very sweet and strong.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It held back a bit in the grinder but overall it was easy to cut and to grind. It had a great moisture level.

Taste: The flavours came through well. It was a nice soft floral flavor with some of the nuttiness and a hint of kush. Very enjoyable!

Burn: It burnt very well. The ash was a tiny bit salt and peppery but it still had a good burn.

Potency/Effects: It had a bit of a punch to my nose and the potency effects built up to a high level for me. It was very relaxing and mellow with a positive energy to it. I could feel it effecting my entire body and making my head very buzzy.

Overall score – 9.5/10