Excellent and delishious looking product at first glance. Totally remind you of those two bite brownies we’ve all grown with. Brownies look well made and well kept(weren’t crushed or out of shape) love the white chocolate touch make them look great and adds a nice flavor. Smell is very cake like and inviting. I really enjoyed the taste of these I felt like I was literally eating a two bite brownies but birthday cake flavor with zero herb aftertaste. So this time I ate 1(100mg), after about 45 minutes I started to feel the effects, im feeling relaxed and slightly sluggish and molded in my couch. Not super high but feeling very good. Fell asleep at 12am and up by 8am with 0 wake ups through the nite🥳🥳. Excellent product overall and amazing very informative packaging. Id recommend these for late at night mabey a few hours before you want to go to bed!