Red Congolese from SpeedGreens – Sativa – (AAAA)

Visual: It had a beautiful structure to it. It was one big bud that looked quite light and fluffy. It was a bit fluffly and squishy to the touch but it still had an inner density. It had some funky foxtails especially one crooked angled one at the tip. It was a lighter army green around the middle and bottom of the bud with it getting darker the closer that you get to the tip. There were lots of nice looking Trichomes all throughout.

Nose: The nose was pungent with a spicy and sour citrus smell. When I opened it up and spread it apart a really nice sweetness of an earthy berry hit me. I really enjoyed the nose and it made me want to dive right in!

Grind: It was a bit sticky to the touch but it fluffed up when I ground it up.

Taste: The taste was light and sweet at first with some earthy citrus coming out on the exhale. That sour flavor was in there too.

Burn: It burnt well but the ash was a bit dark.

Potency/Effects: The uplifting effects came on light and clear. It was very energizing and had me ready to go. Much more of a visual and head stone with this one. Good potency level for a sativa and great for day time use.

Overall score – 9.2/10