Strain – Red Congolese (Congolese x Mexican Sativa x Afghani)

Visual/Texture – a compilation of smaller to medium sized nugs. Casting a beautiful minty green color, with emerald hues, lined with some crystal ice trichomes, and an appearance of being engulfed by the abundance of lengthy deep fire red pistils. Bud trim is on point, having some sponginess with good density to the squeeze, and hiding a fresh sticky interior waiting to be exposed

Scent – the odor instantly began to reek up the surrounding area with a sweet stank familar aroma. Some great scent being sported featuring some strong terpenes which consist of a deep sour citrus grapefruit with herbal piney accents. An exact scent difficult to pinpoint but it’s always one that is very recognizable on the Red Congo

Smoke Рa transition from smell to smoke is perfectly depicted with the inhale tasting of a sweet and sour grapefruit flavoring, followed by a sweet herbal pine taste, and then becoming more of an sweet earthy citrus with the sweet and sour taste leaving its presence behind long after exhaling. Coming off with both a clean and consistent burn, very smooth  smoking tossing up a light grey ash with a slight bit of peppering throughout, and a resinous oil ring showing up not long into the doob

High – the good old reliable (100) sativa is not only a great option during the daytime but works to roast up for a wake and bake along side with a coffee. Bringing an uplifting high, boosted euphoria levels, and dialing your focus completely in. Allowing you to keep getting shit done in a timely manner, and the burnout to only be left behind without any note being taken of it