I have heard a lot of discussion regarding this strain and was glad to be able to test out the hype. I can say it did not disappoint with unmistakable Sativa characteristics. The buds were moderately dense, round and light green with long winding burnt orange pistils speckled throughout. Thin but plentiful amounts of milky and clear trichomes were found on the exterior and any exposed crevice.

Smell was intense bright citrus and fruit aromas which were tied together with undertones of sweetness. Smoke was smooth, with notes of citrus and spice; ending in white ash. One of the best Sativa I’ve smoked lately as it produced such a clear headed, euphoric and energetic high. I happened to smoke this in the AM while out for a run with my dog and it was ideal for the situation. I could see this being used in any scenario where you needed to be fairly alert, social or physically active.