Came as medium sized nugs with what appears to be a decent machine trim. Lighter green with copious amounts of those long red pistils throughout. Can tell the buds were recently cropped based on how fresh and sticky the flower is. Cure is great for the price point.

Nose is quite earthy. You’re hit with some grassy notes before all of those bright floral & citrus aromas take over. Quite pleasant and certainly reminiscent of the Red Congos I have had.

Smokes surprisingly smoothly to pure white ash. Herbal & grassy terps on the exhale with a hint of tropic fruits.

Produces an upbeat, euphoric and clear headed cerebral buzz. Potency is a little bit north of moderate, which is once again impressive considering the price point.

Overall, very impressive 99er. Glad to see there is a cheap option to get one’s Red Congo fix.