So this is flagship product and I see why🔥!! Really nice looking herb at first sight, There is some beautiful well cured tight lime green herb under all of the crystals,trichomes and bright orange hairs. Absolutely coated🥳! Smell is cheesy lemon and peppery/spicey,permeates in the air as you chop.clearly this is not herb you come across often! Taste is is like sweet musky lemons🤷🏾‍♂️ (sticking with it!!) Very unique and tasty flavors coming from this herb that keep you guessing I get sour near end of joint(1 gram). High is pretty instantaneous and mid-level but gets strongeras the minutes go by, it’s that ” I want to do something, or go somewhere feeling” also I feel very alert and awake. Can’t get enough of this flavor though! Wowzer! Overall I think this is some very nice herb(easily best red congo I’ve had to date)and I will actually be picking up more right away! So I think everyone should try this! Taste so good!