Red Congo (AAAA+) from AC Medical

Visual: This was a beauty looking red Congo! It looked like a classic Red with the crazy amount of wispy red hairs all over the buds but this one had a lot of beautiful crystal covering the buds underneath all the Stigmas. The buds were a forest green under the pristine white crystal that was coating them. I could see all the heads of the Trichomes were still intact which was nice to see. The buds were pretty dense but I could squish them if I tried.

Nose: The nose was very spicy and woody with a bit of citrus. It was very pungent when I opened it up and I got a sweetness as well. Beautiful nose.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to grind and to cut but I had to pick it out of the grinder because of the stickiness. It was also pretty sticky when I was cutting it up.

Taste: The taste was also very pungent! I got lots of the woodiness and citrus but not as much of the spiciness.

Burn: The burn was awesome! It was burnt slow and steady, the ash was light, and it was very smooth.

Potency/Effects: I got a good punch in my nose from this Sativa! It had a very good potency level as well. The effects were very cool because it had the good from the Sativa with the uplifting and energy and the head buzz but none of the racing head for me. I still got a bit of a weighed down Indica effect as well. Wow!

Overall score – 9.7/10